How to Change Your Life in 2 Months

Where: Billund, Denmark.

Billund Kommune is a municipality in Region of Southern Denmark in the center of the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark. Formerly the municipality belonged to Ribe County. Wikipedia

When:  In early August, J and I took a sneaky trip to Denmark for final interviews with LEGO and some tours.

After a long flight with loads of delays, we finally made it to Billund. J has been here a bunch of times on business (he worked for LEGO once before, at a game studio in Colorado), but it’s new for me – and he says he’d never considered living here before anyway, so it’s like we’re both seeing it with fresh eyes!

Our first day started with touring the International School, driving by the many offices (half of the town seems like it’s the LEGO campus!), visiting an apartment and a charming house out in nearby Vejle, and then a grocery store and shopping area – all in 3 hours! Given the overseas travel time, we were only there for two days total, so the rest of the time was spent on interviews (J with his new team and bosses), meetings for the both of us, a wonderful three-course dinner out in the country with one of J’s co-workers and his wife, driving around to nearby towns, and getting a general feel for the area.

The Boys’ New School

After we returned from the trip, the balance of August was spent on waiting and preparing for the move, selling off most of our stuff (lots of furniture, appliances, and books, both cars, and our piano – boo), finishing up with our jobs, and saying “until later” to friends. Gosh, were we blessed to have so many people come together to see us off! Thanks to our friends Arian and Laura for throwing us a going-away blast – what a FUN party!

We left California with all we that could load in a rented minivan, and gave ourselves a day and a half to make it to Scottsdale to spend time with J’s family. After a relaxing week in the desert, we drove for two days to the Houston area to stay with my family and see more friends. We are also getting our sweet cattle doggie acquainted with my parents. She is 12 years old and blind, and unfortunately she has to stay here in the States as the trip would be too hard for her. Luckily my parents are going to adopt her for us.

Road Trip Pics

The rest of the time here in TX has been spent waiting for news about our residency permits. M is enrolled in 2nd grade at the elementary school here for a few weeks, and he’s adjusted like a champ! E has been keeping Grammy entertained and laughing, and J mostly stays upstairs on the computer (he has been working remote for LEGO since early September).

Though it has not felt like it at times, things are coming along as they should. Looks like we may be flying out late next week. NEXT WEEK!



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