October 16, 2014…


It’s a countdown at this point.. though the end date is variable.

J is on the phone with the travel desk in the US seeing if we can book our flights while folks in Denmark are on their vacations. This week appears to be a fall break for schools. I remember them mentioning that on our tour and wondered if it would be an issue for us down the line. Just a blip.

Today I’m washing and sorting clothes. Removing any warm weather stuff they are likely to outgrow before summer in Denmark comes around and making room for the snow and rain gear that needs to get packed up. All while making sure that jackets and such are handy upon arrival. While packing isn’t fun I do enjoy making sure things are sorted just so. Sure makes the unpacking more pleasant!



Hours have passed. Our flight is scheduled for next Thursday! Exciting! It feels much better having a date with flights scheduled.

Not much pre-packing happened today because I went with Mom and E to run errands but I did get to spend the afternoon with a long time Dallas friend that popped down to say hello! yay! We get to hang out a bit more tomorrow. Yay again!

The boys’ biggest concern about leaving next week is that the date is before Halloween. E carved his pumpkin today and made another ghost for the foyer. He has a great memory and told Ghee (Grammy) what items he needed for making it and even helped write out the shopping list! M has adjusted to his temporary school like a champ and has been reading an “I Survived” book with gusto. He hopes to carve his pumpkin in the next day or two. We usually wait until Halloween… but we have to squeeze it all in quick! M also had his first Skype call with one of his California buddies. I hope we can make that a regular thing with lots of friends and family.

More updates as they come!








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