Our Last Day Stateside

Hi All!

Well, we are pretty much packed up and ready for our flight tomorrow.

Yesterday, the boys had a Halloween celebration with their cousin Joey. They had pizza and pomegranate and a very silly time. After pizza, all three boys put on their costumes and we walked a couple of blocks over to a friend’s home. Mom arranged with a wonderful neighborhood friend, Glynda, to have the boys come trick-or-treat. Glynda also arranged it so that the boys could go to her neighbors’ house! They had their decorations out and made a big fuss over the kids. It was so wonderful! The boys loved it and felt like they had a fun lil’ Halloween experience since we don’t know what to expect in Denmark. (They’ve only just begun to celebrate it there.)

While the boys were playing (and no doubt sneaking more candy), Mom, Lindsey, and I applied Jamberry nail decals. It was fun to do together, and we all had a great time last night!

Today, J and I packed and packed and re-packed, trying to distribute weight across our suitcases to avoid any overage fees. Mom and Dad took the boys and the dog to the park to run off some of that Halloween candy-fueled energy. Sounds like John has arrived, and Lindsey and little Joey too. I’d better go visit!

Dinner tonight – Dad’s suggested a Mexican seafood place since we probably won’t get that in Denmark – and then lots of travel tomorrow!




  1. Jan · October 22, 2014

    Sending hugs and kisses your way XOXOXO
    I was thinking you were flying next Thurs.
    so glad you all get to go together. We look forward to keeping up with your adventures.
    Be safe. Love you guys.


    • Becca · October 23, 2014

      Thank you Jan! Love to you! Come see us!


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