Today is the day!

In a couple of hours, we will be headed to the airport for our flight to Europe. Yesterday was full of last-minute flight changes (we’re being re-routed through Frankfurt instead of Amsterdam due to bad weather), unlocking our cell phones and loads of calls back and forth for both. (Thanks J for suffering through hours of on-hold music!) This morning, we all slept in a bit and have had a relaxing morning as we charge up our gadgets and chase down those last few items flung about the house.

Sedona is limping again. I’ve scheduled her a vet appointment for tomorrow. Mom will take her in. THANKS MOM! Hopefully it’s just some more swelling in her paw and she can get more meds to help it get better.

The boys have watched Scooby-Doo, filled their daily quota of brother tiffs, and have begged for Halloween candy at least half a dozen times (’tis the season… it ends at Easter, I think…). Sounds like Poppy is leading them in a clean-up session now. I’d better make sure we’re all set to go…

We may have a couple of mini posts from the iPad on our trip over. I think it will be fun to document our travels with the boys. This will be the longest flight with the kids we’ve ever been on! Hopefully they are prepared (J says “please please please let it be a jetliner with seatback TVs.”) Each of the boys have cozy clothes, a snuggly toy, activities, and we’ve had lots of chats about SLEEPING as much as we can since it will be morning when we arrive after our first leg of the trip.

We will arrive in Billund in the afternoon. Cross your fingers that all of our flights are on time and our bags arrive quickly! I’d hate to get there late with no access to the car and no grocery stores open.

2.5 hours until go time!





  1. Merynn · October 23, 2014

    LOVE Y’ALL!!! Safe and comfortable travels!! ❤


    • Becca · October 23, 2014

      Thank you! Xo


    • Becca · October 26, 2014

      xo! Travels went pretty well. There were lots of mixus/mishaps in getting our boarding passes and such after a flight being cancelled but it all worked out and we had a peaceful flight. 2nd flight was quick and there was a poor lil baby having a terrible time with hear ears. She squalled the entire time we were in the air. (45 min?) She was scared and ouchy. Her poor parents!


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