Almost there…

We made it to Frankfurt! Despite yesterday’s ticket screw-ups and aggravation, the actual flight went rather well! It was only half-full, so there was plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and (attempt to) sleep.

M crashed out after a few hours and slept for almost the entire flight, but E was too busy with his Nabi tablet and the in-flight entertainment/seatback TV. Then he finally fell asleep for the last couple of hours. We’ll see how he does today – I predict groggy and cranky!

We have made the trek through security in Frankfurt (yes, again), and are hanging out at our gate for the 2nd flight. J got some snacks (a fizzy apple drink, apple strudel, and a bacon-and-cheese studded soft pretzel – I love you Germany) for us to nosh on. Then a kid in the seating area behind us just vomited all over the floor and we suddenly don’t feel like eating anymore. Poor kid…  Oh well, it looks like the boys have made a little friend over by the windows.

3 more hours until our flight to Billund… Oof. Hopefully the boys stay entertained (including J).

Okay, battery is going out and all are plugs taken. Next post will be from Denmark!


One comment

  1. Moritz · October 28, 2014

    The kids look really happy. They seem to like Lufthansa 🙂


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