We’re Here!

Okay, we’re awake now and ready to report on our first day here!

We arrived in Billund yesterday afternoon. Quick one-hour flight from Frankfurt. Got our bags quickly (thank you, Baggage Fairy!), loaded everything into a very large taxi, and headed over to pick up a car. After that, we found our temporary accommodations, made a quick trip to the grocery store, had a simple supper and went right to bed! More on all of that in the next posts though…

J and I were awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night – hooray jetlag! – and E woke up for a late-late-late night snack since he slept through supper. We all slept until 11am today! Made a brunch at home and have started to unpack. Right now the unpacking will have to wait, though! Time for showers and getting OUT and about for some fresh air. Looks like we need to hurry before more rain arrives.

Hopefully tomorrow J and I can pull together some of our photos for some more detailed posts about our arrival!


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