First Dinner

Stores close early here in Denmark – around 4 or 5, so that the staff can be home with their families in the evening – so as soon as we unloaded our bags in the apartment, we hopped back in the car and headed over to one of Billund’s five (5!) supermarkets. Seriously, I think there might be more supermarkets here than there are restaurants…

We managed to find the basics and staples – bread, eggs, milk, cheese, some produce, cooking oil, frozen meatballs, plus the really important stuff like Nutella, beer and wine. (Oh yeah and a bag of salted licorice that we’ll use to torture the boys with in a later post!) Of course, everything is in Danish, with few recognizable US brands, but we like that – it’s a new country for us, so it will be fun to experiment, adapt, and try new things!

Had a brief snafu at checkout – for some reason, our credit and debit cards don’t work at this market anymore (but they did when we visited in August. Gaahhh.) Had to walk down the street with the clerk to find an ATM, which luckily gave us enough kroner to cover our bill.

Once we got home, we decided we were too tired to actually *cook* anything (and Evan passed out), so we just did a simple supper. Some notes and observations about the food:

  • We picked a cheese at random and wound up with a soft sheep’s milk. I liked it, but B thought it smelled like pee-filled diapers. I don’t know what that says about me.
  • I also had to get a jar of pickled/marinated herring, which I love love love and which B hates hates hates. I grew up eating it at my grandparents’ house for Sunday morning brunch (with lox and whitefish and bagels, of course), but it’s been off-limits in our house since B and I got married – she can’t stand the smell. Now that we’re in Denmark though, I think she’ll just have to get used to it! Maybe she’ll even try some one day. 🙂
  • We chose a loaf of traditional Danish rye bread, or rugbrød. It’s a soft, very grainy rye – not sour like a Jewish rye but very tasty and almost cake-like. Apparently it’s a Danish staple and eaten with lots of different toppings, open-faced. It’s called smørrebrød and there are rules about what you can eat on it and in which combinations. I’m sure we will figure out more about the do’s and don’ts soon, but tonight I enjoyed mine with the diaper-pee cheese and stinky herring.
  • Funniest part of the meal was when M asked for a glass of milk to wash down his rugbrød and Nutella. Bec poured him a glass, and he almost gagged when he tasted it – we’d mistakenly bought a pint of nice, thick, creamy sour yogurt! Oh well, I enjoy it, so I guess I’ll eat it with some of the dried fruit/coconut that we bought for the *other* container of yogurt we bought. (Later we learned that the second tub of yogurt is a protein-rich variety called skyr, and it’s a recent import to Denmark from Iceland. Very tasty!)


  1. Annette S · October 26, 2014

    Skyr is my jam! Love that stuff


  2. jordanitkowitz · October 26, 2014

    We got vanilla Skyr! The boys ate it today with Nesquik cereal (i.e. Cocoa Puffs). Om nom nom nom


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