Boys in the ‘Hood

The place we’re staying is right in the middle of a fairly new neighborhood, with street after street of trim little brick houses and the occasional sleek contemporary of concrete and glass. Everything here is neat and orderly, and whoever laid it all out made sure to provide a playground for every block. So our boys are quite lucky, ’cause now we have a new spot to check out each day!

There are bike paths everywhere (too bad we won’t have our bikes until we get a more permanent place), big open fields, and the occasional little random (and I suspect, manmade) hill plunked down here and there. Going to be great when we get that first snow.

photo 1

Here are some pics from some of the nearby play areas (from yesterday and today). Like all things Danish, there’s a simplicity and elegance to the design, but a playfulness as well. Great balance of function and form, with smart little decisions like building a slide atop a mounded hill (instead of making kids clamber up a metal ladder), carving notches into wooden poles to create a novel twist on stone-stepping, and using additional hillocks to create little tucked-away cul-de-sacs where kids can hang out (away from prying adult eyes, I imagine).

And these giant web-style swings are the boys’ favorite thing, even though they have one behind the house.




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