Saturday Night in Vejle

Saturday, after sleeping in, we headed to Vejle. We had planned to do a bit of shopping for a few home basics prior to meeting friends for dinner, but the shops were closed by 4pm, which is precisely the time we arrived at the mall. Whoops.

Instead of shopping, we walked around a bit to show the boys the area. M recognized it from the photos we took in August. E was getting hungry and was none too thrilled to be walking around in the chilly air. He was ready for dinner!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eventually we made our way to D-Sushi for dinner with our Danish friends. It was a fun all-you-can-eat sushi bar where you grab plates as they pass by. There were 3 teen/pre-teens with us and they said it’s quite fun to see how many plates you can tower up at your table. Each plate has 1-2 bites on it, so they stack up quickly, making dinner entertaining. E stashed away some shrimp plates and a few bites of raw salmon! Go E! I think M ate his weight in edamame. It was pretty fun. Look at ALL THE PLATES! The kids had even MORE.

Becca with Ronny

After dinner Ronny and kids introduced us to Bilka (the Danish Target!), where we were able to complete our shopping list… after 8pm even! WOO HOO! More on the Danish Target in another post. Thanks to our kind tour guides for getting us out to explore, a fun dinner, and introducing us to Bilka and showing us the difference in dairy products. (Dairy? Confusing? See this post!)


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