CPR Cards

Blargh. I typed this out once and it vanished. Bummer too, because there were funny bits. Now it’s going to be dry and cut to the chase. Boo. That’s no fun!

On Monday, our relocation specialist assisted us in applying for our CPR cards. I would have to Google that to know what it stands for, but I’m certain it’s in Danish and I don’t know any of that yet… Yet. Oh wait, yes I do. TAK! (That means thanks!)

Anyway, without your “yellow card,” there is very little you can do here. ‘What do you mean?’, you might ask. Well, without your yellow card, you cannot open a bank account, see a doctor, buy a monthly bus pass, or set up a legit phone line, just to name a few. The yellow card is tied in with a lot of the country’s technology for tracking and services – most of which are paid for by the high tax rate. (Technology in Europe should be another post, by the way… Credit cards with chips/pins and less snail mail.)

So, back to our relo specialist. This is the same kind fellow that showed us around town in August. This time, he collected the four of us with our official papers in hand, and took us to the library. With budget cuts, municipal offices were closed and were all moved into libraries. (See that folks? Library hours weren’t slashed. Libraries added government offices.) There, we filled out our papers and the clerk apologized for the long lines. There were 2 people ahead of us. Obviously, she’s never waited in a DMV…

Our relo guy also explained that by the end of the month, all Danish citizens will need to register for digital mail, and those without computers or internet service will need to go to the library in person for a special registration. Lots of older folks here who probably need to learn how to use it all!

Our permits, passports, and marriage license were photocopied (thanks to the gal in AZ that signed our official marriage license with a huge smiley face, by the way), and we were on our merry way.

Now we wait for our paperwork to go through and watch for our CPR cards. Then we can move forward with setting up our bank account this week and a “legit” non-prepaid phone account. You take for granted the things you set up and established as a kid and now have to start over doing as an adult. It’s pretty strange!

Anyway, cross your fingers that we get yellow carded ASAP!



One comment

  1. Grammy · October 28, 2014

    Crossing fingers and toes for a happy experience


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