School Visit

This morning we all got up and took J to work for his orientation day. The boys and I headed to the school to check things out. I had no idea what to expect – would we pop in and out? Would everyone be bustling around busily?

We pulled up to the school and M’s class was outside working on their housing project. They are studying homes around the world and over time. A short wall of sticks had been constructed with stick posts and other sticks woven in between them. The kids were working with buckets and creating the mixture to “mud” the wall… They mixed straw, mud, horse poop, and water, just as in times past. It was really rather interesting and exciting to see. The kids were having a blast (and learning… outside!).

E and I left M there as an observer with his new classmates and then headed inside. Once we figured out how to get buzzed through the gate and inside, we were warmly greeted and shown the way to the kindergarten wing. E is in the 3rd level of K (which is sorted by age… Level 1 may be 3 yr olds?). His class seems to be made up of kids that will begin Primary next year. Danes start school according to the year of your birth, and you are with kids born the same calendar year. Anyway, E was enthusiastically greeted by a boy in his class who promptly showed him the slide room. A big time fave. I hung out with E and his classmates as they had a snack (bread and fresh fruit/veg) and played outside for some time. There is sand, a hammock, a play structure, and vehicles to ride on like cars/bikes. Really imaginative and fun.

The kids came in and transitioned to Math, where they had stations at tables with manipulative. E chose dominoes, and I chose to go and find his brother to see what he was up to.

P2 was in PE. Staff showed me the way to the Staff Lounge for a coffee. M’s teacher was having planning time and introduced me to their new system, which is used for tracking attendance, portfolios, assignments, and such. Looks pretty clever!

From there, I joined M’s class for lunch. The cafeteria has tables that seat about 5 kids and 1 teacher. Today’s lunch was spicy chicken (seasoned chicken legs and thighs), noodles, fresh salad, and something like seasoned yogurt. It was yummy. I’m thrilled that the boys will have a variety of foods and will sit with their peers and an adult at lunch. They will use actual dishes, table manners, and tidy up after themselves and others. It’s quite nice.

I followed M’s group out for a short recess. Afterwards, M and I caught up with E’s class in the lunch room. M was getting quite sleepy, so we headed home. I’m really quite excited about the school experience the boys will be having here. Lucky boys! I think they will both benefit greatly from it.

I’m sorry that I didn’t catch any photos of the boys playing at school, but I was really just enjoying the experience and some SUNSHINE! Speaking of which – we need to try to catch more of it.  Sounds like the days can be cloudy and dark for quite some time. *gulp* I hear Austria makes for a great February break destination. Up in the mountains and in the sunshine.

Wonder if J will have much to add about his day?!

1st laundry in DK beckons…



  1. Jerre bergeron · October 28, 2014

    Very interesting. Sounds like their system has some Waldorf components in it. Great educational experience!


  2. Heather · October 28, 2014

    It sounds like they’re going to have a great education! When do they start full time?


    • Becca · October 28, 2014

      Monday! Their focus this week is to get into LEGOLAND before it closes until spring. They’ve got their priorities! Though Evan was ready to stay today and return tomorrow!
      They’ve begun making friends and we’ve been paired up with another family with boys in the same classes to help with transitions! awesome.
      I’m pretty ready for them to start school. 😀


  3. Amy Fabo · October 28, 2014

    Sounds amazing! Especially the encouragement to learn with their hands! I have a feeling they won’t miss all the worksheets…..


  4. speckledhen · October 29, 2014

    Is it an English speaking school…?


    • Becca · October 30, 2014

      yes, it is an English speaking school. 😀


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