Veggie Soup


So the homemade soup was well received. 3 out of 4 Family members approved. *whispered* (the 4th doesn’t care much for soup)

We really enjoy making soups most of the year. I’m still a novice, but sometimes they come out quite tasty. I’d love to hear from folks about their favorite soups to make. Email me or post on our Facebook page ( Link us to soups on your site if you like, and we can re-blog it here for our family and friends to try as well.

 Veggie Soup

Ok – let’s get to it.

Simple Veggie Soup

NOTE: no exact measurements were used in the making of this soup. I have never made this before, but it was good!

What you need:

  • 3-4 plump carrots, sliced
  • large handful of small potatoes, sliced
  • 2 small onions or one HUGE one
  • 3 large garlic cloves
  • 2-3 kale leaves (de-veined and chopped)
  • veggie broth or bouillon cubes to taste
  • water – approx. 1 liter + a couple of cups?


Slice 3-4 thick carrots, half a dozen or so fingerling potatoes (or whatever kind you have), and chop 2 small onions. Prep the kale by taking out the stem and chopping the leaves – set those aside. Cover all with a dishtowel, go pick hubby up from work, then take the kids to the park… (optional)

Now you’re cookin’:

Heat your oven. Try 375. Whatever temp you like to roast some veggies on, only a little less.. This oven is NOT in Fahrenheit so… it’s anybody’s guess as to the settings I used. Have your handy-dandy hubby or other useful person lightly oil, coat, and salt your potato and carrot slices, spread them on a baking pan/cookie sheet, and put them in the now-hot oven.

Meanwhile, melt some butter in a saucepan. None of that chemical veggie oil stuff. Use REAL butter. A good 2 tablespoons (I think – may be slightly less). Once it gets good and melty, add in your onions and give them a stir. As the onions became translucent, add some pressed garlic to the pan. Just before everything starts to brown, add a bit of water to the pot (1/4 cup or so) and a couple of veggie broth bouillon cubes. Continue to stir your onions and garlic, and break up the cubes. Add more water (a liter?) and taste… (I added more bouillon at this point and made sure it was all dissolved.)

Remove the potatoes and carrots from the oven (the real thin ones are delish right off the pan!), and add them to the about-to-boil onions and broth. Season as needed – I just used pepper. Toss in the kale (thanks, handy hubby helper!) last – you want it to soften in the hot soup but not lose too much of its texture. Give it a stir and then soup is ready! Ladle into big bowls and enjoy!

We ate ours with Danish rye bread (rugbrød), topped with a bit of that real butter and some sliced cucumber and radishes. (Pro tip: radish and sea salt on buttered bread is gooood!) We also broke out some cheese and each had a couple pieces of bacon. (The bacon was a random add. I think we were just HUNGRY) I’m fairly certain that most any good soup starts with butter and onions in a hot pan… We will keep playing on that and see what else is yummy.

If you’re brave enough to attempt my rudimentary soup, let us know!

We have a long dark winter ahead of us and plenty of time for making SOUP! Tell us your favorite soup to make! (pssst, we like it simple. Not a load of ingredients on hand yet)




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