Whales and Bugs

We woke to a sunny morning today! (yay!) After taking J to work the boys and I returned home for a bit of cozy time to relax after a big and busy day at LEGOLAND yesterday.

We got out the “Build the Bones Whale” book by USBORNE Books that Kelli Sablow sent us to try. Just before we left Texas to head to Denmark Kelli sponsored us by shipping us two books for our 7 & 4 year olds to try out. This morning, we finally had some down time to break out the “Build the Bones Whale” book.

This large book is full of facts on 7 types of whales and includes a kit to build a 3-D model. The kids only needed a little help. They would have punched out all of the pieces first- its much easier to follow the directions and punch out one or two pieces of the model at a time. Both boys were able to remove the model forms from the pages. Some kids may need some assistance depending on age or ability.

It was simple to follow along, the kids only needed some guidance from time to time to be sure the slid the pieces all the way together.  The whale facts will be fun for years to come. These books are always helpful for homework other school projects. We love animal and environment books in our house. The kids are always curious about different creatures, where and how they live – especially BUGS!

E has been enjoying “Bugs”, another USBORNE Book sent by Kelli. We’ve had a lot of bug books but this one still offered things we had not yet come across. E’s favorites included the Ant Lion and the Venus Fly Trap… a plant but I suppose added since it eats bugs. E remembered us trying to keep a Venus Fly Trap alive. He said “Remember mommy? We got it at the space aquarium”. Haha! It was the Chabot Space Museum and Planetarium in Oakland, CA. Cute.

Thank you Kelli for the two sponsored books! We really appreciate it and hope folks will visit your site HERE.

You can do online parties or if you are in the Northern Colorado area talk to her about book fairs, parties, fund raisers and more. No matter where you live, you can shop her books. Be sure to check out the various themed books with tracks/roads in them!



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