Going to the Dogs, Part 1

I love hot dogs. Yeah, they might usually be made from scraps and fillings (or lips and a-holes, if you remember The Great Outdoors), but they’re so good – and so versatile!

We used to get Hebrew Nationals growing up – big fat plump beef dogs (later Mom made us switch to turkey), and in college, I’d scrounge for change to go get a couple of Gray’s Papaya dogs down on 6th Ave and 8th Street in New York at 2am – kraut and mustard, thanks, plus a small Coconut Champagne or Orange Drink, all for 2 bucks. In Phoenix, we’d hit Ted’s Hot Dogs on Broadway and McClintock – a classic wieners-and-burgers joint with a sweaty, hardworking grill-man braving the flames. If you ever go, get the White Hot and a Jumbo w/ chili – trust me. And in recent years, I’ve discovered that much as I love mustard on a dog – ketchup belongs on burgers – Sriracha is even better! (Seriously, try it with a toasted bun, Sriracha and cream cheese – that’s Seattle-style).

So lucky for me, the Danes love hot dogs! They’re everywhere. They’re cheap, they’re tasty, and best of all, they’re actually real food! The bread is actual bread, and the wieners have a nice snap to them – no boiled or limp street-cart dogs on spongy buns. There are also way more options, toppings, and condiments to choose from, and I intend on trying them all!

Let’s git along, little doggies!

Dog 1: Fransk-style Dog
This seems to be the most common type. We got these after shopping this morning at Bilka (the Danish Target!), and they are so simple, but a bit different than the hot dogs we’re used to back home.

That’s ’cause Fransk-style are not served in buns – the wieners are slid into hollowed-out baguette-style rolls and stick up out of the top. Yes, real rolls. Chewy inside, crusty outside. The condiments – and there are lots to choose from – get squirted inside the hole in the roll, down at the bottom. Then the dog is inserted into the roll, which pushes the condiment all the way up inside, so that it coats the entire dog and oozes out the top of the roll a bit, and um, yeah…

Anyway, we all got these white pork wieners, and then chose our various condiments.

photo 1-3

B got mustard (she said it was halfway between brown and yellow), and the boys both chose Creme Fraiche, which was kind of like an herbed sour cream. I got remoulade, which is not quite like the spicy Cajun version you’d have with a po’ boy or crab cakes. Danish remoulade is a mayo-based sauce with a sweet-tangy flavor. Not even exactly sure what is in it but Wikipedia says turmeric, onion, coriander, and mustard, among other things. I liked it, in any case.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the condiments shown above are:

  • Chili Mayonnaise – probably something like Sriracha Mayo, or Sarayo, which you can find in some supermarkets in the US
  • Sennep – this is mustard
  • Hvidløg Dressing – garlic dressing
  • Karry Ketchup – probably like currywurst sauce
  • Creme Fraiche
  • Remoulade
  • Ketchup
  • Fransk Hotdog Dressing – guess I’ll find out next time!

No other toppings or extras are offered for this style. Dog, condiment, roll, and you’re done – and all for 15 kroner a piece (which comes out to about $2.50 – great price!).

photo 2-3

Dog 2: The Classic Danish Deluxe
B and I got these the other night in LEGOLAND (the boys had Fransk-style, plain). These came loaded with condiments – in fact, I wasn’t even sure what was on them since we don’t read/speak Danish yet. We just ordered them and dug in.

After some help from Google, I can now tell you what we actually got: brown mustard, ketchup, remoulade, marinated cucumbers (not quite pickles), raw onions, and French-fried onions. A bit messy, and hard to pick out specific flavors, but a subtle mix of creamy, tangy, sour, and sweet, with the French-fried onions giving them a bit of crunch.


There’s a hot dog stand in Billund that also does them like this. Had them a few years back but I remember even more toppings than this (beets? I remember beets), so that will probably be next. Plus I’m curious to see if 38 kroner is just theme-park prices.

Stay tuned for more dogs!



  1. Biebs · November 2, 2014

    I’m still hooked on a split of half sriracha, half mustard (yellow or spicy brown) on my dogs. Relish! Do they have sriracha or some variant there?


    • jordanitkowitz · November 2, 2014

      Aside from the chili mayo I haven’t seen any Sriracha or similar at the hot dog stands. However they definitely have Sriracha here – and multiple flavors of it, too! Ginger Sriracha is GLORIOUS


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