First day of school in Denmark!

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This morning J was up and off to Manchester early this morning. The boys and I got up after he left – it was a struggle waking in the darkness. (We really need one of those sun lamps!)

There was a lot of grumbling on their part but I finally had them dressed and fed. There are no photos, because it was all I could do to get them dressed and out the door. Stopping for pictures would have gummed up the works and likely resulted in a boot being thrown at me.

We arrived at school easily and found our way to M’s class. He knew right where to put his belongings and seemed to join his group quickly, so E and I moved along to his class. He set his boots and sneakers in his cubby and chose Crocs for his indoor shoes. These kids learn at an early age how to navigate weather. In Denmark, there is no bad weather, only not being dressed properly for the weather. E is already learning when to wear Crocs, sneaks, or wellies. I should probably have him practice putting on and taking off his rain and snow bibs, since the others have done this since they were tots.

Random bits of info I was able to get from the boys:

E: Mommy, I didn’t have PE today. I had YOOOOGA!

E: Do I get to come back here tomorrow?

Me: Yep!

E: Happiest face ever- YEAAAAAY!

M: We did Danish (We went to Danish class) and we had to build a fruit or vegetable out of LEGO and Duplo.

M: I had pork for lunch and there was carrot and raisin salad, but I only ate the carrot. Oh, and there was rice and sauce.

E: I ate CHICKEN and carrot and raisin salad! And some rice.

M: That was pork.

E: OH! I ate PORK! and NO sauce.

From this, I’m gathering it was a good day…. This afternoon they had snack and are watching a bit of TV and reading books. I may have a rest and try to get rid of a headache. Thanks to those checking in on their day and wishing them well.

We already LOVE the International School of Billund and are thrilled to be a part of the fantastic community around it.

What are you doing this afternoon?!

morning walk in Nov



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