Minecraft Treasure Hunt!

We hadn’t even been here a week when one of the moms from M’s class at school invited all of us to her son’s birthday party. How nice! The community around the school is very friendly and welcoming, and so of course we were happy for the opportunity to meet the other kids and parents from the class, and also to experience a Danish birthday party.

Well, make that a Danish Minecraft treasure hunt birthday party!

Sunday morning, we all gathered at a very pretty park/playground in a nearby town called Randboldal. The kids ran and horsed around while the adults chatted, the air was crisp and fresh, and bonus, the sun was shining. (We’d just come off a week of gray days).

Then it was time for the treasure hunt to start! The birthday boy’s mom did a wonderful job putting together a treasure map which would lead us out into the forest beyond the park on a search for, what else, gold and diamonds! Very creative and clever. (What do you expect, she works at LEGO).


First stop: a mountain, where the kids had to scramble up the slope and find swords and picks (i.e. sticks) for the challenges ahead.


Once armed, we all set off again into the wilderness. Kind of hard to worry about zombies, Creepers, and forgetting where you built your house with such pretty scenery to distract us.

Suddenly, we heard a familiar and eerie sound: the creepy baby cry of a nearby Ghast! The kids charged up the hill to find the baby-faced, white tentacled beastie floating beneath a tree. They lined up, “swords” in hand, and took turns whacking at the Ghast until it broke open and surrendered its hoard of delicious Danish candy. (Not in the game, but it should be).


After their fierce battle, the kids each got a blue bottle containing a Potion of Swiftness – just the thing to keep up the pace for the march ahead. After several more adventures and near-miss scrapes, including a battle with an exploding Creeper (the kids had to drop Mentos into bottles of Diet Coke) and a death-defying tromp across a narrow wooden bridge (okay, it was perfectly safe, but the water beneath looked cold), our intrepid adventurers discovered a massive anthill in the woods. (Yes that is a real, gigantic anthill.)


And beyond it, buried amongst the leaves and stones, the kids unearthed veins of gold ore and diamonds! (Each kid received a shiny gold cardboard box with a crystal to put inside. The parents received some yummy chestnut candies which were kinda like Turkish Delights).

Treasure in hand, we all headed back to the park, and then back to Billund afterwards for cake and treats.

Here are some more pics of the forest trails – we’ll have to go back one day for another hike, it was a beautiful area.

Bonus cool fact: one of the clearings by the stream was once the site of a marketplace back in Viking days!



One comment

  1. amaryllislog · November 6, 2014

    What a fun day for everyone. I love the map, such a cute idea. I also spy mushrooms on the tree stump! Lots of great finds for everyone!


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