This is a bit delayed – but life happens.

Oddly enough, we never made it to LEGOLAND in California. It took moving to the actual land of LEGO to finally make our first trip to a LEGOLAND theme park/resort. Just in time too! Only a few days left before its closed for the season.

The park opened at 10 about the time we pulled into the parking lot in almost the first row! Woo hoo! Definitely going to be a fun day! M had me grab him a map right off the bat and he quickly got to work looking for the attractions he wanted to see.

First things first, we needed to go into the little tower that resembled Seattle’s Space Needle… well, sort of. But I didn’t take photos here – I was busy taking in the view (and the groans of the equipment)… Slow heights aren’t my thing…I mean – Wow – We can see all of Billund! Look how tiny the cities and villages are below! (we’re in LEGOLAND… get it?)

I thought we would check out all the villages and towns created in LEGO, but the kids were ready to start going on rides. I let them lead, so off we went to wander explore. The first thing we came upon, ride-wise, was this Haunted Mansion. COOL, we said! It’s like Disneyland! This is a new attraction to the park. We jumped into the short line and headed up to the door. Out came the man with the measure stick and told us that E was too small. Boo. Sorry M – E can’t go. You can wait until another time or you can go ahead and go on your own. It’s up to you… And off he went! I couldn’t believe it! He was prepared to just go on in with strangers (other families). He is growing independent and confident! E and I waited at the exit.

I was amazed at M’s bravery to go alone! I was also wracked with fear that HE would be scared, and I wasn’t there for him… Then I remembered that he went in with a bunch of other moms and kids. But now I was worried that it was a roller coaster… Turns out it’s similar to Tower of Terror at Disneyland… Only without the terror part. A much milder version.

On a return trip that weekend, J and I were able to go through the Ghost house quickly. There is actually a neat mirror maze funhouse inside, and some little busy activities if you’re waiting in line. It’s unfortunate that they do not allow the younger ones through the funhouse portion and check their size before the ride. Particularly on slow days such as this one. I’m sure in the summer it would not be possible with the crowds. Eh, oh well.  “When I’m 5, I’ll do it” E says. Too cute.

Anyway, the ride was cute. The theme sort of made me giggle. I suppose it’s like the Haunted Mansion with sort of an American/Western thing, since this Haunted Mansion sits on the edge of the Western (Cowboy) themed portion of the park. The attendants wear boots and bandanas and plaid shirts. The ride portion of the Haunted Mansion has to do with a mad scientist and his invention of “float,” which is explained to you by two ghosts. It’s cute really. I just sort of giggled thinking of a cowboy-mad scientist-haunted house. It was amusing to me.

The majority of the day seemed to be spent on the same 3 rides over and over and over: The Caterpillar, Safari, and Boats.

See how quickly M is jumping off the Caterpillar ride? The boys would run, quick as they could, to the head of the line and then jumped on immediately again. And again… Fine by me, they were having a blast and getting along!

The caterpillar ride was one of those circular “coasters” that goes up and down and in a circle really fast pushing you into your seatmate. The boys decided to ride separately after the first round. It was such a quiet day they could have their own car again and again.

Safari seemed to be E’s favorite. They “drove” little zebra striped jeeps through a cute jungle and happened across African animals. They at one point never had to get off- just went around and around a few times in their little jeeps. They began making silly pictures for the camera. THEN M wanted to jump off- go see his shot – then run and jump on another jeep until he perfected his photo op. Too funny!

The Boats were cute. A gentle little ride down a quiet river passing large and beautiful landmarks re-created in zillions of LEGO.

It didn’t take long for E to discover the Pirate area. I convinced them to eat lunch prior to the ride.  (I love when I remember before they get crabby!) There were actually good foods to choose from. We ordered two kids’ meals for the 3 of us to share. It worked out perfectly. Roast chicken, carrots, fries, apples & water. Yum. The warm chicken and fries helped us cozy up in the cool air. The carrots were perfect for some energy. Yum! Ok, let’s go see some pirates!

E enjoyed the Pirates ride, but both boys were lured toward the big Castle. There we found the Dragon coaster. It’s a fun, quick intro coaster that all 3 of us could enjoy. M was so good about riding in a car solo, since E’s height often required that I ride with him. I sent them together when I could. I think they enjoyed the freedom that day. The park was quite slow and I could let them sort of run ahead and choose what they wanted to ride.

Eventually, we got to explore the actual LEGO lands. They were fascinating to see. The boys even helped film a robot moving on a Hollywood set. E wanted to walk through the Star Wars area again before we headed to Atlantis (also an aquarium!). It was a good place to settle down a bit and wait for J to meet us for supper after he got out of the office (right down the street!)

The boys wanted to show their daddy all of the rides they loved, but we only had time for hot dogs before the park closed for the day. Luckily, we were able to return again that Saturday to try out the rest of the rollercoasters before the park closed for the season! Woo hoo!

I think our favorite ride was the Yeti-themed coaster, the Polar X-Plorer. Fun ride! There could be a few things we still have to try out, particularly in the Western area. We can cook bread on a stick over an open fire while listening to Willie Nelson (appropriate) and Jimmy Buffet (amusing). I’d love to help the park with their “country & western” soundtrack! There’s also a “log ride,” but with canoes rather than logs. Now we’ve also learned for next time that people pack picnics, coffee, and hot water, and use a wagon if they no longer have their kids in strollers. We will be prepared for LEGOLAND 2015. We will be prepared. Hopefully, E will be an inch taller too, he says.

That was fun! We can’t wait to take some of our visitors!

Happy Weekend!


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