It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Everywhere we go…Christmas has kicked off here in Denmark. White lights are going up (or tossed onto a bush or bench). Wreaths and evergreen branches are in front of the markets. Oh! And let’s not forget, Christmas Beer has been in stores awhile now.

Earlier this week, I was able to slip away to Vejle with a new friend for some craft shopping. We poked around a couple of stores looking for some ideas and inspiration, then continued down the walking mall and popped into a Christmas shop. It was good to get out and into the retail world for a little shot of Christmas. Only a few of us here celebrate Thanksgiving, so for most – it’s full speed ahead to Christmas.

Last night was the LEGO International Club’s Christmas Party. They really came up with a nice evening for us. The group last night wasn’t as large as it could have been. We were 1 of three families that attended among several couples.

The evening started with aebleskevers and mulled wine or glog. Next was dancing around the Christmas tree and singing carols. One of the Danish songs included running through the house, still holding hands, spreading cheer to every corner. The staff at the inn had a good giggle with us. The kids ran about until Santa arrived. SANTA!!!! He had a gift for each of the kids and called them by name to come receive their present. LEGO! woo hoo! Lucky kids!

The gifts didn’t end there though. We had all brought packages wrapped and ready for a gift exchange game that involved dice, laughter, a few tears, and a lot of fun. It was similar to dirty dice but a bit different.

(No pics of the end of the game because…FUN)

The starters were served after the game – a variety of fish and breads and rich sauces. I did have some smoked salmon and mustard sauce. None of the kids were interested much in the food. Some ate a bit of fish fillet, but mostly they were high on sugar and present stealing.

Eventually we had dinner (pork, sausage, red cabbage, white cabbage) and finally, dessert. Another Danish tradition is to have rice pudding at Christmas. However, this rice pudding has a twist… Another game involved. The yummy rice pudding already had slivered almonds mixed in, but somewhere in the serving dish is a whole almond. The person that finds the almond in their serving is the winner and gets a gift. Dessert AND prizes! Apparently though, part of the fun is to keep the almond a secret when you find it so that people keep eating the rice pudding looking for the almond. It’s funny, really. Our friend Nichole found the almond and won chocolate piggies! The kids were not served from the main dishes, they had “kid servings” that each had a hidden gummy bear. If the kids found the gummy bear they got a prize too.

We really had a nice evening and are feeling festive for the holidays! I think we are all ready for some cozy at-home time, and the boys have several LEGO sets they are ready to crack open and start constructing!

TGIF! Happy weekend!

love from Denmark-


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