We Have the Man’s Oranges

My Danish language lessons won’t start for awhile, so in the meantime, I’ve been using an iPhone app called Duolingo to start learning some vocab and basic grammar. It’s a very good app, with a polished UI, smooth progression, and a variety of questions that requires you to recognize the printed and spoken word.

Spoken is definitely the hardest part, because as a friend told me before we moved over here, Danish is like “speaking Swedish with a cucumber in your mouth.” (He’s Swedish, so I guess he’s allowed to say that.) Lots of new sounds to decipher – and three new letters! – and very subtle differences between conjugations.

At least Duolingo keeps it all entertaining by giving me the craziest sentences to translate. It’s probably a good thing my verbal skills are going to be well behind my reading and writing for awhile, since all of these would make me sound like a deranged kindergartener.

No basic welcome-to-Denmark phrases like “Hello, how are you,” or “How much does this cost” or “Where is the nearest bathroom?” Instead, I am learning things like:

Those are at least somewhat believable. (Becca had a whole flock of ducks quacking ‘Good morning’ to her during a walk last week, so just go with it.)

Next, we get to stuff like this, neither of which are advisable:

And then this ominous message pops up:

It just gets weirder from there, with insights like:

Finally, we approach a level of genius that I honestly did not expect from this app:


Oh well. At least I got something useful out of these lessons:

photo 2


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