The Mysterious Wiener Melange

The coffee machine near my desk dispenses a bunch of different selections…

…including this:


Mmm… I’ll have a venti half-caf wiener melange w/ two pumps of sauerkraut, please. Gaahh.

It’s probably not hot dog flavored water, if that’s what you’re thinking… in this machine, it’s actually just coffee w/ a bit of cocoa in it, i.e. a mocha.

So where’s the wiener, then? Turns out that in Danish, “wiener” = Viennese, as in wienerbrød, or “Viennese bread.” It’s a pastry that, back in the US, we all simply know as Danish. (Except that hydrogenated oil, stiff frosting, and gelatinous lemon filling doesn’t seem to be part of the recipe here.)

That means a ‘wiener melange’ is just a “Viennese blend.” Wikipedia says that it’s actually closer to a espresso/latte blend, no cocoa added, but I like our office machine version just fine.

Ooh and I just noticed that the machine makes chocolate milk! Now if I only had some wienerbrød to go with it…




  1. Ram · November 25, 2014

    If only that machine dispensed wiener schnitzel.


  2. Heather · November 27, 2014

    That must be a common machine in Denmark, we had the same one at the Danish high school where I worked! I always went for the filter coffee because I couldn’t keep up with the rate at which the Danes I worked with drank espresso!


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