I just want to mail a parcel!


I was working on a long, drawn-out story of my experience trying to mail a package today. I decided to keep it short and sweet… If I were feeling more creative I’d write a haiku. Feel free to submit your own in the comments, should you feel moved.

1 – Went to post office in the grocery store at our town.

2 – Told that in order to SHIP packages, go to the next town over and mail from that PO.

3 – Drove to next town. Could not find PO. After lots of looking around the area where it should be, I asked a mail carrier that happened to be walking by.

4 – Proceeded to drive to another grocery store that housed the Post Office. This one could send packages OUT.

5 – OMG basic functions can take a long time when you do not speak the language or know how things work. After that simple (or not so simple) task, I’m drained. Feeling like a small child.

#expatlifelessons #learningcurve

I’m happy I went to a meeting with other internationals this week. It was a good reminder that these things happen, and it is oddly exhausting. So, to any of you moving away to another country – know that these things take time. Finding a dry cleaner, mailing a package, shopping for groceries… the things you did by habit with your eyes closed at home will require some re-learning in your new country. That’s normal. It can be frustrating but we all go through it.




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