Ribe Excursion

Last weekend we made a quick day trip to Ribe – the oldest town in Denmark! It’s on the western coast of Jutland (the part of Denmark where we live) and was only an hour’s drive from Billund.

We started by exploring the streets of Ribe a bit and checking out some of the Christmas Market stalls. A kind woman in the most adorable Christmas elf hat chatted with us awhile, and explained that she represented the museum store. She thought we might enjoy the Viking Museum with the kids on this (very!) cold day. After exploring a bit, we headed off toward the museum, with fussing child in tow.

Here are a few shots of our arrival in town.

Once we were good and cold, we found our way to the Viking Museum. Good place to warm up on a cold day!

J may have more to share about this trip – I know we all look forward to going back with visiting family in warmer months. There is much to do and see in the summer months and there is so much more for us to see.


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