We found a place to live!

The last couple of weeks, we have been trying to figure out our housing situation here. It’s been a bit stressful trying to work out what we should or even could do. We knew rentals in Billund were very scarce, so we had planned on buying a house instead, so that we could have a place to call our own after living a gypsy life for the last several years. However, we had to wait a month for J’s first paycheck to come through so we could have a bank appointment to even discuss the purchase process.

Meanwhile, the time left in our temporary housing is ticking away. Hear that? It gets louder with each passing week… So does the pounding in my chest…

Buying a home means that we need to submit the contract to the government each time we are serious about a house, and prove that we intend to use the property as our full-time home. Not a problem – that’s what we want too! Denmark, being a small country, needs to protect itself from too many outside investors buying up property and sending prices soaring (sound familiar, America?!). Therefore, the submission for permission is required. Though I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just receive permission once to say you may buy ONE home, rather than submit an application each time… Anyway, Denmark suffered the same economic bust that the US did, and while I won’t get into the differences about the aftermath, the housing dropped here just like portions of the US did. And that means that it’s a great time to buy if you are living in Denmark.

Anyhoo! While working out the whole purchasing thing, we took a peek at a couple of rentals. There was a small but super-lovely place in town, but it was more than we could spend right now. There was also a VERY charming place at the right price, about 10-15 minutes outside of town. It was a big possibility and is on the oldest road in Denmark. It even has soldiers from long ago buried in the field behind the house in burial mounds! It was adorable and lovely! (Locals… if you are looking or have newcomers looking – let us know! It’s available in Feb!) Too bad though, the timing for us was going to be iffy and would likely not work for us. THEN – out of nowhere – I found a house not far from where we live now. It’s a good size and it’s IN Billund, and the price is right. J jumped on it.

I still had house appointments scheduled so I attended those and met great Realtors. The one I met yesterday is SO informative and helpful! There is a vast range in prices, locations, and styles. SO much to consider. I now feel like I’d bark less at the folks on House Hunters International (and MORE at the people on House Hunters in the US). They are actually lucky to have a camera crew documenting – they could have pics to look back at and remember! It gets overwhelming.

Many things to consider, mixed with cultural differences and unfamiliar areas… but the communities where I’ve looked are safe and friendly. I now know too that some of the smaller communities are actually more social and welcoming than the larger ones. (New people stand out there!) They come together for activities and to protect their community. It’s quite refreshing.

We have keys to the new place already, but are waiting for the furniture to be removed and for painting to be completed. In Denmark, landlords are required to hire painters between tenants. SO – we will have fresh white paint when we move in, which should be around the New Year.

I’m looking forward to getting settled and figuring out what we need to adjust our home to life in Denmark.

Cheers! Come visit soon!

(We have only visited the house in the dark, so pics when we have better ones)




  1. Mary Roemmele · December 12, 2014

    Yay – how exciting… so is this a rental or have you bought this house?


    • Becca · December 15, 2014

      A rental popped up and we chose to go that route. 😀


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