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Today the boys and I picked up a classmate and his mom, and headed down to Odense. The zoo in Odense has a dinosaur exhibit open. It’s not actually at the zoo, but in another area of town. We found the little building down by a shipping channel surrounded by new apartment buildings, shops, and old grain mills.

The small but fun exhibit featured animatronic dinosaurs with hands-on stations to help get the kids involved. The boys especially enjoyed dinosaur races and the paleontologists’ tent, where they spent quite some time sweeping sand away from fossils with little brushes.

Each vignette had signs and information in Danish, but there were also small touchscreens that offered English as an option. Many of the employees also spoke English, so if you choose to do one of the craft activities, they were quite helpful.

There were small tables and stools where families could eat a snack or picnic if you brought one. There were a few sandwiches and treats available for purchase at the ticket counter/gift shop as well. The dinosaurs may run away in April so get your little dino nut there soon! Info here.

E: Mommy, this dinosaur eats meat!

photo 1 - Copy

me: Sure does! How do you know it was a meat eater? What are the signs? (expecting to discuss teeth and such…)

E: Because there is meat right here…

photo 2 - Copy

me: indeed! nicely done. (haha)


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