Valentine’s Day?

valentine image

I’ve noticed that the stores in Billund haven’t really had anything to do with St. Valentine’s Day… Last week, for the Friday before winter break, I thought I would take a little treat to my Danish school classmates. Fun, right? But not a single foil-wrapped chocolate heart could be found. I snagged a bag of individually wrapped (fuschia, purple, and brown shiny wraps would have to do!) chocolate and marzipan treats … close enough!

My classmates were happy to return from break with a little marzipan treat, but were confused when I said I thought it would be a fun little Valentine’s treat… “It isn’t Valentine’s today”… Why would a classmate share treats for Valentine’s Day? While there was an appreciation for a little treat to get us through the final stretch of class on a Friday before winter break, there was confusion as to what Valentine’s Day had to do with it. Over the last week, there still has not been a mad rush at the shops to fill shelves with bags of candy in red and pink. No signs, no balloons.

One of our bigger shops has beefed up their plant and flower area in the entrance and has some Ritter sport bars out as you walk into the store.

If not Valentine celebrations, what’s on the kids’ minds this week? Fastelavn! It’s sort of like a Danish Halloween in the sense that it has candy, tricks if you don’t treat the kids that come to your door, and cats as selling points. This is celebrated before Lent, like Fat Tuesday is for those in the Southern U.S, or like Festival in other parts of the world. It’s coming up on Sunday, so we will post about it soon enough.

In the meantime – Have a Happy American Valentine’s Day! If you didn’t bake something amazing, get those cards just right, kill yourself crafting for 63 of your child’s nearest and dearest, and don’t fret… you’re just having a European version of Valentine’s. Don’t sweat it. xoxo

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