Went for a walk in our new neighborhood a few weekends ago and noticed that the path out back encircles a large mound.


Doesn’t look like a landscaped bed, plus it had this sign posted on it:


Translation: Dogs must not dig in the mound.

So, yep – that, plus a nearby street called Gravhøjen (burial mound), means it’s one of the ancient burial mounds found all over Denmark – there are more than 22,000 protected sites. I just didn’t know we had one so close to the house!

Some locals (via one of the Facebook groups we belong to) gave us some further info. It’s called a rundhøj, and is at least 1100 years old (the Viking era ran from the late 8th century until the late 11th, after which point the Danes’ ancestors started burying their dead in the Christian fashion). Archaeologists searched this particular mound in 1896 and then again in 1952, but it was found to be empty.

Guess that means we won’t be seeing this guy hanging around our backyard one misty night…



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