Cykling til Bageren

One recent Sunday we decided it was nice enough to hop on our bikes and ride down to the bakery in town for breakfast. ‘Nice enough’ means “not gray and miserable out” and also “not so cold that our ears won’t freeze and fall off of our heads,” like it is outside right now. Not that this stops most folks around here – getting around on your bike is a way of life, no matter what the weather. We’ve just been too soft to deal with it until now.

Anyway, Billund is not that big, and it’s criss-crossed with bike trails that cut through parks and forests and through all of the neighborhoods. Part of the fun of our ride was figuring out the optimal way to get to the center of town.

E hasn’t started riding his own bike yet, so he trailed along behind B. Max was off and zooming around, no problem. Both boys like their new mohawk helmets! It was a pretty short ride. Maybe 10-15 minutes?

Town, of course, was dead quiet on a Sunday morning, but the bakery was open – and very warm and cozy. And yes, we got “Danish” – though here it’s just called wienerbrød, or “Viennese bread.” And yes, it is delicious – soft and flaky outside, dense and gooey in the center. Not sure what the boys got but it disappeared quickly.

Anyway, it’s fun to live somewhere so small and bike-friendly that we can get around this easily. (In fact, B rode her bike to the bar last night… but that’s a different post 🙂


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