Borrowed Bikes

We have been in Denmark nearly five months now. Life is lovely here. It’s a wonderful place to raise children. Most of the Facebook memes you’ve seen are pretty true. Happy lives, good living, low crime. But there is crime – even in quiet little Billund.

Fortunately, there isn’t much, and a lot of it is bike theft – or rather, bike borrowing. (Though friends did have theirs officially stolen. Boo!) Most of the time you can leave your bike propped up outside a school, market, the sports center or even a bus stop. However, should your bike be near a bar… or near a place where someone has been drinking… or even perhaps just near bored teens – it ought to get locked up. (suspenseful music here)

It seems that almost weekly, missing bike posts pop up on the town’s International Facebook page. Some people are looking to be reunited with their bicycles, while others are posting bikes “found” around town.

Here are a few pics:

Note the green bike listed on two separate occasions. The nice thing about social media is that bike and owner seem to frequently be reunited. Many of the bike borrowers seem to leave the bikes in safe and obvious locations. So, is this common or do we have one or two repeat offenders?

When I see a lonely bike propped up along the road I have two reactions at the same time. Sorrow for the person from whom it was taken, and slight amusement.

May your bike always be in an obvious location.


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