Egg Decorating & Silly Spring Roll

Today, the boys and I decorated eggs for Easter. They are eagerly anticipating the Easter Bunny’s arrival, and we were joining a few others for a Silly Spring Roll at the park near our house.

Easter Egg Collage

They did a nice job with dyes, craypas, watercolors and the like. Each boy then selected an egg to cart up the hill to use in the Silly Spring Roll. I had no idea what to expect, and wasn’t sure how excited the boys would be about an egg in the grass. I’m sure glad we went despite the cold wind and the rain. It sure was fun!

A few families gathered on the sled hill in town. Kids and adults showed off the eggs they had dipped, dyed, stickered, and sculpted. Once we got a good peek at the fun designs, the roll commenced. It was more of a launch than a roll, and was a lot of fun watching the participants pitching their eggs down the hill – then racing down after them to inspect for damage, collecting them and then clambering back up the hill for more. Many eggs were able to withstand multiple throws before bursting to bits in the grass.

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Happy Spring!


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