Gatherings at Home

Friday night was my turn to host Book Club. I had the pleasure and privilege to share my home with 11 women from all over the world (S. Korea, Iceland, England, America, New Zealand…) for a festive Mexican potluck.

Since I had borrowed some extra chairs for Book Club and we still plenty of leftovers from dinner, I had a couple of the women come back the next night with their families. They brought a few ingredients and their happy selves. J cooked the taco meat and made guacamole, and I poured margaritas. We enjoyed (another) a nice night of food & company. I’d say spring break is off to a festive start!

I’m loving our little international town and finding friends from all over the world. We are truly fortunate to be able to live in such a small cozy town with an international school, airport, theme park, indoor water park… all within biking distance. And we can enjoy those places with kind folks that are locals and internationals. It’s truly a fun experience.


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