The little things: hygge playdates

This week is spring break for the kids that attend ISB. It’s a big week! On Saturday, LEGOLAND opened for the season, then on Sunday folks decorated easter eggs and flung them down a hill, and this morning, we woke up to SNOW! All this and it’s only Tuesday.

My younger kiddo has been sick and needed to stay in to rest after two cold days at LEGOLAND.  Embracing Danish motherhood, I sent his older brother out with friends to go sledding on the big hill in town while I stayed in with the little one. One of the girls is a bit older and can watch out for the younger kids, so I promised them warm treats after some time outside. They weren’t gone for too long though – they got pretty wet and cold quickly with the rain/snow mix we’ve had today. I heated up aebleskiver and cocoa for them. Since it felt a bit like December and it’s fairly dim from the cloud cover, I figured why not add the candles and enjoy this November/December Danish treat properly.

I love that our kids can have impromptu playdates, walk to the sled hill & come home to cozy candlelit treats for play dates that last all afternoon. That said… we would all welcome warm weather and sunshine to move these playdates outside! I think we are all ready for alfresco entertaining!


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