Focus Testing

The last week has been a busy one for me – all but the 4-day headache were enjoyable!

Earlier this week, I was able to participate in a focus test at LEGO with other moms. I won’t comment on what we discussed, but we were gifted an awesome prize – a new DUPLO SET! – for our time and participation.

Evan had a hard couple of days earlier this week. A new toy was a great way to get to spend time with my little guy and encourage little talks. When did this lil’ guy grow up to be 5 1/2?!?! My lil guys aren’t so tiny anymore.

Duplo collage

We had a fun time sorting the pieces, following the instructions, then building our own thing. The woodland animals and the blocks with berries, mushrooms, and mice were cute. Evan said it was food for the animals and thought the mice were food for the foxes.

What an awesome perk of being part of a focus test. Not a bad way to spend a morning then lead to a great afternoon with my 5 year old.


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