Morning Hike

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Life has been busy in the way that it was busy back home. Normal life things fill up time, but with an expat twist. The kids are in a school routine, then come home to play LEGO or enjoy time with friends. Jordan goes to a job he loves. I scoot everyone around to their events, grocery shop, and find time with friends. It’s all fairly similar – but not.

Some things are easier, and many are harder, though Jordan’s commute has been cut down to next to nothing. You can’t even call it a commute, really. 5 minutes and he’s home, plus work lets out at 4pm. It’s a drastic change from San Francisco and Phoenix, where commutes, work schedules, or both kept him away from home for long hours. We are able to spend more time as a family and the boys LOVE having him around to play LEGO and Minecraft.

The boys go to school and play, but here their friends speak Icelandic, Korean, German, and Danish on top of English. They have loads of unstructured time and they love it. They miss old friends and old activities, but seem pretty happy with what they’ve got and who they get to do it with.

Me? I get to meet new friends from Iceland, Australia, South Korea, the UK and more! It’s such a fun mix of outgoing and friendly people. We are all going through the same experiences and yet differently in some ways, because we come from different places. Though it seems Australia, Iceland, and South Korea have loads of shopping and dining out experiences like the US so we are all dealing with the reduced choices here.

Various activities have kept me busy, and I’ve been forever trying to get back into regular walks and such. This morning, three of us gals finally were able to get in a nice hike on a path I’d not yet tried. One of the things I love about Denmark is the ability to find a trail through nature just about anywhere. Today’s hike started at the golf clubhouse. I’d have never guessed you could hike out of a golf course, but here its possible!

We got in a good hour’s hike. Hopefully in time we can add in more jogging and exercises. Today we were uncertain about the path, its distance and such. Walking briskly through the trees was nice on a cold and cloudy day. I think the zipline was the highlight!. Weeeeeee!

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