Border Run

IMG_8297Denmark/German Border

A Brit, Aussie, American, and Korean walk into a mall… haha! No, not a bad joke, just time for another Billund to border run for turkey, booze, and over the counter meds.


We hit up Citti-Park in hopes of finding just the right snow boots, turkey for American Thanksgiving, cut-rate alcohol, possibly stocking stuffers, and more. We did well. Thankfully, the turkey we came for was purchased. Sadly we didn’t find the cute snowboots half of us were after.

I do recall several flats of Christmas Beer and an obscene amount of nutella.


Here we are, headed down the escalator with our goods. Had to check the top floor and try out more boots.

Oh geeze! Look at the time! We have to leave Germany and get back to school to pick up the kids!


I had a fun day with the gals. Racing and riding carts through the parking garage may or may not have happened with cheers and squeals. Looking forward to another girls day shopping no matter which country we’re in.




Ribe Excursion

Last weekend we made a quick day trip to Ribe – the oldest town in Denmark! It’s on the western coast of Jutland (the part of Denmark where we live) and was only an hour’s drive from Billund.

We started by exploring the streets of Ribe a bit and checking out some of the Christmas Market stalls. A kind woman in the most adorable Christmas elf hat chatted with us awhile, and explained that she represented the museum store. She thought we might enjoy the Viking Museum with the kids on this (very!) cold day. After exploring a bit, we headed off toward the museum, with fussing child in tow.

Here are a few shots of our arrival in town.

Once we were good and cold, we found our way to the Viking Museum. Good place to warm up on a cold day!

J may have more to share about this trip – I know we all look forward to going back with visiting family in warmer months. There is much to do and see in the summer months and there is so much more for us to see.

Saturday Night in Vejle

Saturday, after sleeping in, we headed to Vejle. We had planned to do a bit of shopping for a few home basics prior to meeting friends for dinner, but the shops were closed by 4pm, which is precisely the time we arrived at the mall. Whoops.

Instead of shopping, we walked around a bit to show the boys the area. M recognized it from the photos we took in August. E was getting hungry and was none too thrilled to be walking around in the chilly air. He was ready for dinner!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eventually we made our way to D-Sushi for dinner with our Danish friends. It was a fun all-you-can-eat sushi bar where you grab plates as they pass by. There were 3 teen/pre-teens with us and they said it’s quite fun to see how many plates you can tower up at your table. Each plate has 1-2 bites on it, so they stack up quickly, making dinner entertaining. E stashed away some shrimp plates and a few bites of raw salmon! Go E! I think M ate his weight in edamame. It was pretty fun. Look at ALL THE PLATES! The kids had even MORE.

Becca with Ronny

After dinner Ronny and kids introduced us to Bilka (the Danish Target!), where we were able to complete our shopping list… after 8pm even! WOO HOO! More on the Danish Target in another post. Thanks to our kind tour guides for getting us out to explore, a fun dinner, and introducing us to Bilka and showing us the difference in dairy products. (Dairy? Confusing? See this post!)

Today is the day!

In a couple of hours, we will be headed to the airport for our flight to Europe. Yesterday was full of last-minute flight changes (we’re being re-routed through Frankfurt instead of Amsterdam due to bad weather), unlocking our cell phones and loads of calls back and forth for both. (Thanks J for suffering through hours of on-hold music!) This morning, we all slept in a bit and have had a relaxing morning as we charge up our gadgets and chase down those last few items flung about the house.

Sedona is limping again. I’ve scheduled her a vet appointment for tomorrow. Mom will take her in. THANKS MOM! Hopefully it’s just some more swelling in her paw and she can get more meds to help it get better.

The boys have watched Scooby-Doo, filled their daily quota of brother tiffs, and have begged for Halloween candy at least half a dozen times (’tis the season… it ends at Easter, I think…). Sounds like Poppy is leading them in a clean-up session now. I’d better make sure we’re all set to go…

We may have a couple of mini posts from the iPad on our trip over. I think it will be fun to document our travels with the boys. This will be the longest flight with the kids we’ve ever been on! Hopefully they are prepared (J says “please please please let it be a jetliner with seatback TVs.”) Each of the boys have cozy clothes, a snuggly toy, activities, and we’ve had lots of chats about SLEEPING as much as we can since it will be morning when we arrive after our first leg of the trip.

We will arrive in Billund in the afternoon. Cross your fingers that all of our flights are on time and our bags arrive quickly! I’d hate to get there late with no access to the car and no grocery stores open.

2.5 hours until go time!



How to Change Your Life in 2 Months

Where: Billund, Denmark.

Billund Kommune is a municipality in Region of Southern Denmark in the center of the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark. Formerly the municipality belonged to Ribe County. Wikipedia

When:  In early August, J and I took a sneaky trip to Denmark for final interviews with LEGO and some tours.

After a long flight with loads of delays, we finally made it to Billund. J has been here a bunch of times on business (he worked for LEGO once before, at a game studio in Colorado), but it’s new for me – and he says he’d never considered living here before anyway, so it’s like we’re both seeing it with fresh eyes!

Our first day started with touring the International School, driving by the many offices (half of the town seems like it’s the LEGO campus!), visiting an apartment and a charming house out in nearby Vejle, and then a grocery store and shopping area – all in 3 hours! Given the overseas travel time, we were only there for two days total, so the rest of the time was spent on interviews (J with his new team and bosses), meetings for the both of us, a wonderful three-course dinner out in the country with one of J’s co-workers and his wife, driving around to nearby towns, and getting a general feel for the area.

The Boys’ New School

After we returned from the trip, the balance of August was spent on waiting and preparing for the move, selling off most of our stuff (lots of furniture, appliances, and books, both cars, and our piano – boo), finishing up with our jobs, and saying “until later” to friends. Gosh, were we blessed to have so many people come together to see us off! Thanks to our friends Arian and Laura for throwing us a going-away blast – what a FUN party!

We left California with all we that could load in a rented minivan, and gave ourselves a day and a half to make it to Scottsdale to spend time with J’s family. After a relaxing week in the desert, we drove for two days to the Houston area to stay with my family and see more friends. We are also getting our sweet cattle doggie acquainted with my parents. She is 12 years old and blind, and unfortunately she has to stay here in the States as the trip would be too hard for her. Luckily my parents are going to adopt her for us.

Road Trip Pics

The rest of the time here in TX has been spent waiting for news about our residency permits. M is enrolled in 2nd grade at the elementary school here for a few weeks, and he’s adjusted like a champ! E has been keeping Grammy entertained and laughing, and J mostly stays upstairs on the computer (he has been working remote for LEGO since early September).

Though it has not felt like it at times, things are coming along as they should. Looks like we may be flying out late next week. NEXT WEEK!



We received an email today that our permits have gone though! yay! We will be reviewing them and finalizing details around flights, temporary housing and such. Sure feels good to have some sort of loose plan after being in limbo for a couple of weeks.

Time to start creative packing! Sure have a lot to load up into suitcases! Seems the longer we wait the more we have to drag along. Oops. Though I now feel confident we should be warm and dry in the damp cold weather. That’s important!

Thanks for all the well wishes along the way- we appreciate them all. Thank you for joining in our excitement. Looking forward to having photos to share.

M & E were champs on our road trip.

M & E were champs on our road trip.